Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Backpacking with Bea

We took Bea on her first backpacking trip last weekend.  It was in our plans for the summer and some friends, with a little girl just 10 days older than Bea contacted us along with a number of other people to find out if anyone would be interested in a July 4th trip.  We took it as an opportunity to really make our plans happen.  The hike was an easy one, just a little over two miles into a lake in an area that also provided for day hiking.  We were only going to be there two nights, so it was a minimal food load.  In the end, it was all pretty easy, but it is amazing how nervous you can be at the start - will Bea like it, will we be able to pack enough food that she will like, will we be able to lighten our gear load enough to make it really doable for something beyond 2 miles.  Phew.

And, then, off we went.

The answers to our questions were yes, yes, and yes.  Although, we could do a little more lightening and a little more balancing of the loads between Seth's backpack and Bea's carrier. So, watch out world, I'm about to become lightweight backpacking obsessed!

We have a few challenges.  Oh shit, we're running really low on diapers (we made it home with one to spare!).  Oh shit, our water filter broke.  Luckily, we were camping with a group and it turns out that everyone had an "oh shit" moment and we were all able to take care of each other's possible trip ruining situation.

Bea loved it, there were "balance beams," she could "run away," and hike in the "maked."  Okay, we didn't let her hike far in nude, but I really like the poles and socks and sandals look - her German heritage is shining through.
Mama had to learn some different ways to be in nature.  Usually, I get up with the birds and go outside and meditate.  However, Bea's first act every morning is to say, usually loudly, "Mama, mama, milk."  It's impossible to know when this is going to happen.  So, I thought it was best to stay in the tent until she woke up.  So, rather than feeling what a place is like, I listened to what it was like.  What a different experience.  It was wonderful to really just focus on listening to what was happening outside and really hear the shifts in who was talking.

Bea, like her Mama, likes to splash in the local water source.  So, we spent time our first full day there exploring the lake we were camping on, complete with splashing.

She went "fishing."  She saw Seth fishing and has decided that what fishing consists of is standing on something in the water for long periods of time, ahem.  Papa needs to show her fishing when the fish are biting.

The next day, we hiked to another lake, where more splashing happened.

Really, there is something about sleeping under the stars and drinking water from a lake that really resets your system.  I'll leave you with an obligatory picture of Mt. Hood.